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We are proud to provide Greenville with a unique, holistic approach using effective treatment to help you recover fast from pain or injury allowing you to stay active doing the things you love.

Our Mission

We are chiropractors that provide effective care to get you out of pain fast while staying active during treatment. We work with everyone from children, moms, and the elderly to businessmen, desk workers, and athletes. We work hard to achieve Pure, Pain-Free Motion!

Pure Motion

Movement is a huge part of life, and at our office our priority is to keep you moving with pure, pain free motion! We provide effective treatment to get you back where you want to be fast.


If you are concerned that an injury or pain may one day lead to surgery or intervention, we are the place to have your issue evaluated. We evaluate and treat all types of acute and chronic pain patients. These patients include those with work-related and sports injuries, as well as those with pain due to pregnancy, auto accidents, and chronic pain syndromes..

In post-surgical scenarios, we help you regain the full, functional motion you had before by using therapies that target pain control, swelling, and inflammation reduction.

If we are not the right solution for you, we will be quick to refer you to an imaging center or a doctor who can help with your specific need.


Services We Offer

We believe that care is most effective and long-lasting when it’s approached holistically and on an individual basis. At Pure Motion, we use evidence-supported treatment options that produce accelerated results. Our three areas of focus are: Soft Tissue Therapy, Proper Joint Movement, and Mobility & Strength Exercises.

Corrective Therapy

We believe that in order to get the best long-term results, rehabilitation exercises should go hand in hand with our other treatment methods.

active release therapy in greenville sc

Active Release Therapy

ART is a rehabilitative form of soft tissue massage used to remove scar tissue adhesions, and fibrous bands within the soft tissue of our muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

graston technique in Greenville sc

Graston Technique

This instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization technique is used to find and remove fibrous adhesions.

chiropractic adjustment by greenville chiropractor

Chiropractic Adjustment

A controlled force applied in the joint plane restores proper motion to the restricted joints, resulting in a reduction of pain and muscle spasm.

man getting k-laser therapy on his arm

Summus Medical Laser

During Summus Medical Laser Therapy, infrared laser light interacts with tissues at the cellular level increasing metabolic activity within the cell. Cellular function and tissue repair follow.


woman enjoying infrared sauna therapy in Greenville SC

Infrared Sauna

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy. The benefits are many: weight loss, pain relief, and muscle recovery to name a few.

normatec compression boots

NormaTec Recovery

NormaTec Compression Therapy is a treatment modality that uses pulse massage patterns to boost recovery.

foot massage

Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapist is trained in deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, Swedish relaxation, and pregnancy massage.

dry needling in Greenville sc

Dry Needling

We use dry needling with the goal of releasing or inactivating trigger points to relieve pain or improve range of motion.

fruit and smoothies

Detox Programs

Customized meal plans based on your needs and preferences help you reach your weight loss or fitness goals.

Conditions We Treat


We are here for you, whether you are looking for quick pain relief or active rehabilitative support with strengthening exercises and rehab for long-term results. Effectively caring for our patients is our priority. If you have any questions regarding the duration, cost, or what to expect with treatment, please visit the New Patient tab or contact our office today.


Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain
TMJ Syndrome
Sports Injuries
Elbow Tendinitis
Knee Pain
Hip Problems
Postural Syndromes
Over-use Injuries
Carpal Tunnel
Plantar Fasciitis
Childhood Injuries


Dr. Jenna, a mother of two little boys feels passionate about helping other moms as they take the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. She uses the Webster Technique to safely and gently adjust moms throughout their entire pregnancy in preparation for birth.

Visiting a prenatal chiropractor prepares the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth by creating a state of balance in the bony pelvis, muscles and ligaments. Postpartum chiropractic can bridge a missing gap in health care: new mamas should be adjusted shortly after giving birth to quicken recovery time and normalize overall pelvic and spinal biomechanics.


Chiropractic care in the early years ensures your child’s little body and nervous system is functioning at its fullest potential. With all the bumps and falls kids experience, minor injuries add up and may cause future problems and pain. We are trained in specific techniques for addressing this, as well as dealing with common childhood and teen sports injuries. Regular chiropractic visits during childhood support children’s overall health and well-being.

New Patients

We look forward to helping you achieve Pure, Pain-Free Motion, Fast! Simply click the link which will take you to our online patient intake form. Please note, some patients have experienced difficulty filling out this form on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Due to this, a desktop computer is recommended for filling out the intake form.

Arriving about 10 minutes before your first appointment is necessary to give the receptionist and patient coordinator time to get your insurance information.

At Pure Motion Chiropractic and Sports Recovery we are currently contracted as a preferred chiropractic provider with the following networks:


If your insurance provider falls outside of our current credentials, we offer a competitive self-pay plan which is often similar to the cost of a co-payment and fee through your current insurance. We are happy to verify your benefits for you.


  • New Patient History & Consultation
  • Examination Based on Chief Complaint: Physical, Neuro, Chiropractic
  • Report Of Findings
  • Treatment Recommendation Review
  • First Treatment
    • Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustment & Corrective Exercise Prescription


  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Active Release
  • Graston Technique
  • Supportive & Corrective Rocktape Kinesio Tape
  • Advancement of Corrective Exercises


  • Advancement of Corrective Exercises
  • 1-on-1 Guidance on Exercise Form


  • Dry Needling
  • K-Laser
  • Rocktape Kinesio-Taping
  • Normatec Recovery Session

Our Team

Greenville chiropractor Dr Jenna Titcombe

Dr. Jenna Titcombe

Greenville, SC, chiropractor Dr. Jenna Titcombe works mainly in the area of sports, prenatal, and soft tissue injury care. She was born and raised in Gaffney, SC.

Dr. Jenna earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of South Carolina and received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. During her time at Palmer she had the unique opportunity to work alongside one of the most respected chiropractors in the field in the arena of treating elite athletes and NFL players. 

During this time she began her pursuit for professional excellence and dedicated herself to continuing education, learning the latest evidence-based techniques to help patients quickly and effectively recover in order to return to full, pain-free activity. Most recently she served as provider for the 2014 Crossfit Games in California. In 2012 Dr. Jenna became a full-body certified Active Release Technique (ART®) practitioner. She utilizes Kinesiotaping techniques, and is also Graston Technique certified.

Dr. David Cifuentes

Dr. David Cifuentes lived in Puerto Rico for 18 years before moving to Connecticut, where he received his B.S. in Biology from Southern Connecticut State University. He then traveled to Spartanburg, SC, which he now calls home, to study at Sherman College of Chiropractic.

As an athlete, Dr. David has a passion for helping his patients recover safely and maintain wellness through a combination of chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and soft tissue therapy. He is a trained Graston Technique and Active Release Technique provider. He enjoys treating athletes, as well as kids and desk workers. Dr. David is fluent in Spanish and enjoys assisting our Spanish-speaking patients.

Throughout his chiropractic schooling, David had the unique experience of always having a pregnant classmate to treat, so he mastered chiropractic treatments for pregnant moms. 

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his lovely fiancée, doing CrossFit, eating sushi, and watching soccer (go FC Barcelona!).


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