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Corrective Exercise

Improve Your Body’s Function With Corrective Exercise

These days, everyone wants to see immediate results. And when you’re experiencing pain somewhere in your body, immediate relief probably doesn’t seem like too much to ask. However, it’s important to realize that pain is typically a symptom of a larger issue.

The main goal of corrective exercises are to identify what that larger problem is and to focus on fixing the underlying issues in order to gain a more permanent improvement. While it does provide some pain relief, we focuse more on the cause of the problem and how to fix it rather than just treating the symptoms.

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Traditional Chiropractic Care vs. Functional Rehabilitation

First of all, both traditional and functional rehabilitating chiropractic care are safe and beneficial. The main difference is that traditional chiropractic care focuses on a series of adjustments to the spine to realign it and provide pain relief. While functional rehabilitation also uses chiropractic adjustment to realign the spine, it places greater focus on the central nervous system and the function of the spine as a whole. Functional rehabilitation works to ensure that the entire body is operating at its best to improve function and general health. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is different. So we provide personalized care for every patient. We do an initial evaluation, then create a treatment plan designed for your specific needs. Our treatment plans are based on the severity of your problem, how long you’ve been experiencing pain, any deviations in your spine, and other pathology present in your body.

Improving muscle strength and focusing on getting the body to work as a cohesive unit can have dozens of positive effects on your general health ﹘ a major bonus of functional rehabilitation. With Corrective Exercises you could see improvement in your athletic ability, an increase in your range of motion, and a decrease in your pain levels.

While we can’t predict the future, we can tell you that taking advantage of Corrective Exercises are a smart way to make lasting changes in your body. With this method, you’re not just managing pain, you’re making structural and muscular improvements that can help correct your issues for the long term as well as learning techniques to help yourself at home.

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