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Normatec Compression Therapy

Accelerate Athletic Recovery with NormaTec Compression Therapy

Originated by a physician bioengineer with the goal of speeding athletic recovery by enhancing blood flow, NormaTec therapy uses a sleeve-like compression device to deliver pulsing massage patterns to the treated area. 

normatec compression boots

How does it work?

The NormaTec device has a control unit with attachments that can go on the legs, arms, or hips. The attachments use air compression to massage the limbs, moving fluid and lactic acid from your limbs to your core. This allows fresh blood to move into the limbs, which speeds recovery and reduces soreness and pain. During a leg treatment, for example, you can expect a massage-like pulsing to start at the feet and move in sections (zones) up the limb. A pressure system activates for the zone that has been massaged to prevent fluids from going in the opposite direction, then releases when the pressure is no longer needed.  

Who benefits from NormaTec?

Frequently Asked Questions

The most remarkable difference in the NormaTec science compared to other compression therapies is that it uses pulsating massage instead of static compression to squeeze fluid out of the limbs. This technology mimics the natural muscle pump of the limbs, enhancing fluid movement better than other therapies of a similar nature.

You can expect a variety of positive outcomes from these sessions, including increased range of motion, decreased pain sensitivity, improved blood flow, lowered lactate concentrations, and decreased muscle fatigue. 

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